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03 Aug
Shahrukh Khan
No LoVe : No PaiN..PaiNz oF LoVe bE sWeETeR FaR
ThaN aLL oTHeR pLeaSuRes ArE

I am: *a performer *a player.
I enjoy: *action *variety *adventure *risk.
I need freedom to act when I see opportunity.
Please don’t bore me, or tie me down with silly
rules and regulations.
My motto: (seize the day.)


I Am kooooool As Fish In A Pool..
I Am single… And Always ready to mingle! “Lolzz
Ok Now Serious What Do U Know About me…?
Ok I Am working hard to make things right around me,
i love talking, i make friends very quick than u can imagine, fan of Shahrukh Khan,love Music,never wanna hurt anybody..
I m Simple but Not Stupid
so Guys & Gulz I am fun loving and enthusiastic person,
I believe that God gave me two ears And one mouth so that I talk lesser than what I listen to..
but I am often mistaken to be either shy or vain..
but understanding me is not a difficult task..I do what I feel is right And opinions of other ppl about me or my actions doesnt matter to me..
The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.4 me my frends r very important, If I decide that I like this person then I will be with that person whenever he/she needs me n even If they dont like me I will always be there for them. I can be moody n suddenly transform into the life of the party , I can get confused but still remain clear ,Well thats me 4 u now go ahead And be my friend And I will always be there for u… I love my mom & dad ,actually I cant live without them,I like Parties & Concerts and enjoying…
Most of my friendz Enjoy my company. Its not being proud but friendz and aquaintances say dat I have the ability 2 make heads turn wherever I go. im very fun luvin n luv 2 play pranks on people. so BEWARE!!!!! But actually im really not able to believe ppl when they compliment me over something..I Am Verrry short tempered….. prone to sudden mood swings….. really moody….. thats the way I am….Thatsss Allllllllllll…

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