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The blame game

It has become a practice of our people, mostly among the older generation and somewhat among the younger generation to utter these words “Nothings going to become of this nation” (Is mulk ka kch nahi hone wala) as they refer to all the problems we are facing these days (electricity, terrorism and all). I can’t help thinking that why blame the nation when we individuals have never really done anything to protect it, to save it, to cherish it as our own. We have always taken it for granted, i mean think about it the food that we eat, the house that we live in, the education we are receiving are all possible because of the nation we live in.

We don’t even try to improve our nation to get rid of its little problems which we can on our own individual level like getting rid of pollution, not breaking any rules etc.

Something which i hate even more are people saying they want to migrate to another country, like there wont be any problems over there. The Japanese never talked about leaving their country when it was bombed in 1945, instead they worked hard to make it prosper and today it is one of the super powers of the world!

These words seem to whisper in my ears when i think about all this


“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country

– John F. Kennedy

We never think what we can do for this country and blame everyone else. Have we even educated one child that we talk about illiteracy in this country? Have we stopped others from polluting it that we talk about the cleanliness in other countries, Have we ever tried to support even just one family to eradicate poverty that we talk about beggary in the country. Have we ever woken up and realize that we are the people who will save the nation. The answer is NO!

Only traitors and losers condemn things which they themselves are doing. Yes other countries are powerful because their people are dignified and know how to make their country progress. Unless we try helping our country in reaching towards success, we will be doomed. Saying everyday that”This country is hopeless” is perhaps far more easier then actually trying to work for it and that’s the easy way out our people have taken.

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Creative Real Estate Investment Financing Methods


In the current market situation where recession has affected everyone (some more then others), the real estate market is no exception. Whenever someone hears the word recession they automatically associate it with bad news. That is not always the case as sometimes due to a recession there are some great opportunities made available especially in the real estate market. Following are some of the ways by which you can easily finance the buying of your house

The fixer upgrade

This is when you cannot afford the dream house that you want and you settle for less and use it as a stepping stone to get the dream house you always wanted. For example say that the house that you want to buy costs $300,000 and you don’t have the required money right now so what do you do?? .   You buy a house that is slightly run down and pay a down payment of lets say like $8000 on it. Then you can rent it out and the rental income you earn can be used for repairing the house and then once the repair work is complete you can sell it for a healthy profit! , and you are one step closer to buying the dream house you always wanted. Be advised this is not for impatient people to save the money you may have to do some of the repairs yourself, also keep a sharp eye on repairs because if the repairs eat up the profits then it wouldn’t turn out to be a profitable venture.

The friendly option

Another option is to buy a property with a friend relative someone who you can trust and then sharing the title of the property and the mortgage with your friend or relative (this is also known as join tenancy). This would ensure lowers costs for you and you can even earn some income for example you cant rent out a room of your apartment or your house to cover costs. Be advised though this form of ownership has differs legally from state to state and in some states the partner in the property can sell the house easily without even informing the other partner(therefore trust is very important) and the repairs and other maintenance costs are equally shared.


Living with the Family

Although this may sound nerdish but once I’ve made my argument I am sure I can convince you that this is actually a pretty viable option. Lets say that you have some debt to pay off and in the current marketplace with increasing living costs and the volatile economy you just cannot pay the credit card bills you owe(as all your money is spent on maintaining your lifestyle) and they have accumulated to more then $30,000 now what to do?. The answer is simple move in with your parents, explain to them the situation you are in and they may be able to offer you a place to stay and in this way you can save your rent and use it to pay off that credit card bill of your and even save enough money to put in a down payment on that apartment you always wanted!

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