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Disappointed Pakistani cricket fans blame Misbah for India loss

ISLAMABAD: Disappointed Pakistani cricket fans on Wednesday blamed a sluggish Misbahul-Haq for defeat in the World Cup semi-final thriller with arch-rival India.

India defeated Pakistan by 29 runs in an action-packed match to set up a World Cup final showdown with Sri Lanka in Mumbai on Saturday, leaving fans across cricket-loving Pakistan dejected

“We lost because of Misbah, as he did not score well when it was most required,” angry fan Awais Shakir told AFP on Islamabad’s main Jinnah Avenue as thousands of disappointed viewers were leaving screenings of the match.

“He just wasted time on the pitch.”

Fans in other Pakistani cities which ground to a halt for the game also criticised Misbah, who scored a lacklustre 56 from 76 balls. His slow play pushed the Pakistan towards defeat before the 50th over.

For schoolteacher Hazrat Ali, it was disappointing – but not the end of the game.

“Defeat and win is part of the game. Our team will win next time,” he said.

In Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, engineer Mohammad Ali said: “It was a great contest all along and the day belonged to India. However Misbah and Younis Khan were very lazy.”

The government had declared a half-day holiday in offices and schools to enable the cricket-mad population to enjoy the game.

Special prayers were offered in mosques and at homes, and people recited verses from the Koran, praying to Allah to guide the Pakistani team to victory.

By the evening all major roads in several Pakistani cities were gridlocked with cars, motorcycles and jubilant revellers, but the festive atmosphere turned tense as the Pakistani batting line began to fall before India.

Power cuts sparked protests by hundreds of angry spectators who blocked a main highway in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani Kashmir.

Motorists listened to the commentary on their car radios and shouted out the latest score to passers-by at a busy intersection in Islamabad.

Excitement reached fever pitch as shopkeepers flogged green T-shirts, caps and souvenirs, and networking sites Facebook and Twitter buzzed with comments on the wickets’ falls and player’s performance — and prayers for the squad.

Young people were seen wearing the green T-shirts of the Pakistani squad, their faces painted in the nation’s green and white, in the northwestern city of Peshawar, while large national flags flew from buildings, houses and cars.

In the eastern city of Lahore, which borders with India, more than 20,000 Pakistanis thronged the Gaddafi stadium to witness the match on large screens. Entry was free and people formed long queues to get in.

In Karachi residents blocked many roads and set up huge screens to watch the live broadcast from the Indian town of Mohali.

By the end of the day, 30 people were brought to hospitals across Karachi after being wounded by stray bullets fired during the festivities, hospital officials said.

Even prison authorities in the city made special arrangements for inmates to watch the match and gave Indian team shirts to some 200 Indian prisoners.

In Rawalpindi, revellers danced to drums in a market and shouted “Long live the Pakistan team”, “We will win” and “Give your best, we are with you”.

Whenever an Indian wicket fell, people jumped and danced in jubilation and fired gunshots into the air.

In Islamabad people gathered around screens — including a huge screen mounted on the Stock Exchange building — letting out screams of excitement when a player hit a four or faced a fierce delivery.

Large crowds, including women and children, gathered at the lush green Fatima Jinnah park and waved Pakistani flags in support of their team, while elsewhere, the streets were deserted after midday.

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Why it is so


Why it is so, that people feel passive about the things they like to do most, why it is so that people have much potential but they are lacking to make the most of it, having feeling of impending doom, feeling that things will never get better. This despondent condition does happen when one gets fail in making the grades resulting in proclivity for pessimism; pushes the one lethargically in dismay state deemed as depression.

Depression is a disease which can slowly and gradually keep affecting the one until and unless one is place out on a limb. It is the condition of glumness that most of us suffer in response to disappointments of every day life. It cripples a person’s physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects.

Human beings by their own unaided efforts can push themselves from a low position to success and fame. A person who is characterized by self dependency, who does not share his personals with others have ability to mould themselves in a way they want and quickly get out of the trauma they have been suffering through by just using the consciences wisely. The very first point one must have to heed is to identify the cause due to which you are upset. Sometimes it happens that you are feeling blue for no reason because of distress state of mind you are unable to get yourself. Identifying the reason eliminates half of the apathetic feelings. Try to come over the situation that there is no use of crying over split milk and start working on the solution to the situation which is engulfing you day to day, make little steps which are easier to follow and achieve them. This will boost up your morale and will prove as a stepping stone and ultimately get you out from being depressed. But the thing one must consider is that while depressed, a person have abrupt change of behavior such as loss of interest on things once enjoyed, he himself start relying on lame excuses, precludes himself doing hard work and look for the easy way. One must act rationally in these circumstances and try to do it anyway.

Other ways includes changing of the surroundings as colors play pivotal role in releasing the depression. Health practitioners have experimented with color and its powers to affect a person’s state of mind and health. Make sure that your sleeping pattern is normal, disturbance in it making depression level high. Indulge in some kind of activities to prevent yourself from mental disorder. Take balance diet to maintain your energy level.


Routine exercise direct effect on your overall feeling of health and sense of well being. Just give it a try, I am sure all the tips will lead you out from the depressive state.

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