13 Mar

life for rent

Have you started taking interest in things you normally hate?
Has every stupid futile thing is this world started grabbing your attention?
Do you feel like doing everything you normally hate?
Are you being attracted to Facebook more than ever?

If yes, I’m afraid you too have become a victim of ‘Examophobia’. These symptoms are observed when the time left in exams is too short but the patient tries to calm himself down with these fake time killing activities.

I’ve been a victim for years. I know how it feels like when exams are nearer than ever and you’re still not prepared.

Stress rises to an unfathomable level and there’s no way out from this sticky exam web. Time starts to run thrice as fast as it normally does. A day seems to end as soon as it starts and at the end of the day, all a person does it pitying and regretting his lack of time management. Each passing second brings him closer to this great peril, contrary to his discretion.

When he gets mentally exhausted (for not doing anything) cause of all this stress, he tries to find ways to escape this situation. Then come the above mentioned symptoms.

Everything in the world starts to seem twice more appealing than it normally does. Everything but studies becomes the most enjoyable thing on earth. Facebook becomes a magical virtual world, games become awesome adrenaline filled roller coaster rides, movies become the most beautiful treat to visual senses. A person’s perception regarding almost everything starts to change.

And when the situation reaches its most critical point, a person starts writing blogs.

Well, best of luck to those who are facing ‘Examophobia’. Hope you guys find some interest in things which eventually pay off as well. Same goes for me.

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