Social Taboos

16 Mar
Life for rent
What exactly are social taboos, how are they developed and how are they nurtured by the society are some of the difficult questions to answer and hence needs a lot of digging into the history.  So, let’s keep it simple. Such concepts are actually developed by people who are not educated enough and were nurtured by naïve and innocent people.
However, if we look at the modern world, it is very surprising to see the educated and knowledgeable people follow them. They don’t oppose them, but follow them because, of the fact that they were brought up by their families with such things fed into them throughout and by saying this, I’m sure that I have put my readers into quite a difficult state.
Well, as far as taboos in our South Asian part of the world are concerned, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to matters in relation to girls and boys. In our society, Girls are not supposed to be friendly or get free with their male friends, just because the people might think that she has a low character and is very bold to get married into the nice, good families. If any girl is talking to a boy and become friends with him then everybody assumes that they must be having an affair. The funniest situation is when a girl sits next to a total stranger in a bus and both of them behave in really abnormal ways. The girl tries not to get brushed by the guy and even pulls her chair away and the guy eyes the girl with the corner of his eye as if she instantly is going to change into a blood sucking witch. A nice girl is also not supposed to shake hands or hug her male friends; let alone acquaintance, because it’s again considered immoral and she will be labeled as being very “out”.
The guys who behave in that socially acceptable way of giving a seat to a girl or giving their place in the bread queue (Naan Line), label themselves as being very respectful to girls even if the beat their wife at home. Bill queue will not be applicable here because of the technology factor. Have you ever wondered that when there is a ditch or a  pond full of dirty gutter water why do the guys act politely & offer girls to cross the ditch first ?
Most of the taboos are created by the fundamental Mullahs who dislike peace and love in society and constantly change their minds work on how to destroy the society. They come up with all the meaningless fatwas which the emotional and sensitive people blindly believe them. There was a fatwa against Atif aslam that his latest Bollywood song must not be heard because its against Islam and contains lyrics that are enough to make him an infidel. There was a fatwa that girls should not pick up the phone and by any chance, if they have to answer it, then they must change their voices to that of witch (Churail). In my childhood, I actually did it quite a lot on the phone calls, speaking with mad laughter in the beginning, the tiger roars and the horror music that used to come in a popular horror show, but I didn’t know why everybody used to hang up.
There are many other illogical Fatwas that these people come up with and not everybody is fortunate to have nice, open minded families. So, what exactly do we need do? I think the media has quite a significant role on this matter. We have to create awareness among the masses and take the message as to not to believe everything that they are being told by fanatic people, but instead think for themselves and try to judge things on their own. Love, Peace and Broader Outlook to the world can only bring a difference. This is just the way through which we can focus on important and primary objectives and not into some rubbish that rotates around the same idiotic questions such as Segregation in weddings, eating with Non-Muslim, Sitting with Girls, Shaking hands with them and Wearing sleeveless. It’s time that we utilize our skills and minds on much important things and spread the message of peace and love to the society.
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