15 Ways to improve your English through surfing your internet in routine

22 Mar

Note:-  This article is for the learner of intermediate English level or higher, for the people who are familiar with type of tenses and forms of the verbs.

1.       Only search in English. Lets start with the first step at internet that is searching. so, switching your search engine to English version of MSN, Google or yahoo could be a best way of practicing fast reading and understanding English.

Just listen carefully and learn effectively


2.      Listen to MP3s. Make a habit to listen.Listen like English news,English movie(focus at dialogue delivery),songs etc.Most of the people do not know that you also can download speech radio such as audio books (an actor reading out a novel).Listen English music while doing something else is also a useful thing.Read and memorize the lyrics of the songs that you hear also does help in learning English.And definitely the next step is to sing it.It is better practice for your English.

3.      Give comments in English. Make it your habit to comment on different sites like You Tube videos and post at either yours or friend’s walls in social website like Face book in English.

4.      Teach your children or friends some English. Teaching someone lower level than you the English you already know is a great way of permanently fixing that knowledge in your own brain.Your children or siblings are the best opportunities.

5.      Think in English what you are doing . As you are driving the car passing from the buildings over the bridges,I mean to say try to making sentences describing what you are doing.This gets you used to thinking in English without translating, and can be a good way of seeing what simple vocabulary that is around you everyday you don’t know.


6.      Watch films with English subtitles.Watching English movies with English subtitles is very much helpful to improve your English speaking skill with right accent.If you have difficulty to find English films with English subtitles, this is a second best option to watch local films with English subtitles can also sometimes be a good sign of quality.Watch English films with subtitles in your language. Again, this is not as good practice as English language films with English subtitles, but is more relaxing, can be easier to find suitable DVDs for, and is also possible with VHS.

7.   Watch the same film or TV episode over and over again. This can not only save your money on DVDs, but you can really learn the language without having to study it. Some comics can also get funnier more you watch them, especially if you watch them with no subtitles and so understand a little more each time you watch it suitable self-study materials.

8.    Watching English children’s films or TV programs Some of the vocabulary you can learn from the things that are made for children (lots of animal names and maybe animal noises).Movies made for the children are very easy to understand and full of comics which urge you to stick with it and understand it.


9.   Read English children’s books. Reading children’s playbook, poems and other literature is also helpful because usually it’s constructed with very simple words and phrase.Not only easy to understand but it never let you get boring

10.  Online chat and Email.Best place for testing your English is chatting(either voice chatting or in written).During chatting try to make use of sentences which you hear from movies, music, or audio book or read from English news papers.

Best way to increase vocabulary

11.   Label things in your house or office. The easiest way to gather more vocabulary  is that to tag things around you in your room,in your books or in news paper.Just see in this picture.For people who can’t put labels on real things, the next best option is to take a photo of a real place in your life like your office, print it out, and then draw lines to all of the things you can see in the picture and label them in English with the help of a dictionary. You can do the same thing with places you pass through everyday like the station. Because you will see the same thing again and again, it should be easy to really learn the words for those things.I also used it when i started to learn English.

12.   Read English newspaper and magazines. Newspapers like “Metro” in London are usually the easiest to understand.Read weekly English Magazines  if you can read two versions of the same magazine (Newsweek in your language and in English) that could make understanding it much easier.

13.   Write the difficult words from movies. Don’t worry usually movies having the repetition of similar words or sentences, Just write difficult words or sentences from a movie in your note book and mark it at its repeat each time in any other movie.It would help to memorize it at the end of the day..

14.   Be realistic about your reading level. To judge about your skill at English an intensive and effective way is that to be realistic with your English level, for this you can select articles of your likeness at daily bases to read and if you see two or three difficult words in these articles then it is right English level for you and in case of more than that,then you must go a step back and try to be skilled at this level and after that come back.

15.  Set goals. last but not the least and the most important is time period,decide how many hours you want to study, how many words you want to learn or what score you want to get in a test are all good ways of making sure you do extra study.


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2 responses to “15 Ways to improve your English through surfing your internet in routine

  1. krishna

    July 30, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    Nice article..:)
    Will try to implement

  2. deepak

    February 5, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    very good article n am going to follow one step by commenting now 😉 ,


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