20 Funny T-Shirt Quotes – Wear Your Style!!

29 Mar
You know what the best part of being a graphic designer is? You can employ your graphic designing skills almost everywhere…even on your t-shirts. Now you must be thinking it’s just a leisure activity to employ graphic design on t-shirts, but it can be extremely productive. Every day you keep thinking…“How can I effectively promote my designs?” Well what better way of showing off your designs than on your very own t-shirts? When you wear a t-shirt with your personal designs, you become a walking talking billboard. 

By wearing what you design, you attract even more attention and make your very own style statement among your friends. But it becomes more alluring and entertaining when your t-shirts say funny stuff. Custom-made t-shirts are a sign of pride, confidence and creativity for graphic designers.
For your inspiration, here are 20 graphic design t-shirts that display some of the funniest sayings ever.

An Apple A Day

I Need A New Boyfriend

Be Nice To Fat People

Think Outside The Box

Game Over

Anything Unrelated To Elephants is Irrelephant

I Am Disappointment In You’re Grammar

Be a Warning

Mouse Not Working!!

My Computer Beat Me At Chess

All Men Are Idiots

If Life Gives Your Lemons, KEEP THEM

When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left

Shinbone Is A Device For Finding Furniture

I Recycled My Homework

I Am Your Father

Drunkin’ Grownups

I’d Tell You To GO TO HELL

If Zombies Chase Us, I’m Tipping You

YES Officer, I Saw The Speed Limit Sign

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