The Big Semi-Final

30 Mar
With the arch rivals clashing for the 5th time in World Cups, and the Indian media creating a hype that Pakistan would emerge as the winner this time around, one can only wait for time to answer the big question.
From match-fixing allegations to betting conspiracies in the air, one can only wish for a fair game — for, it’s an incontrovertible fact that money has its say everywhere.
Pakistan has a dirty track record when it comes to playing India in the World Cups. They have never won against India in the past four World Cup encounters. And for that, I guess, the reason might be: our team succumbs to pressure, rather than just playing with the spirit to win — with a calm and clear mind. On paper, both teams are equally matched. Pakistan’s strength lies in its bowling department, whereas with India, it’s their batting.
Presently, India’s batting line-up is considered to be the best in the world. The toss too shall play an important role, for, the entire cricket world knows how weak our team is when it comes to chasing a target. The cricket ground – Mohali, where the match shall be played tomorrow, has proven to be lucky for Pakistan – they have never lost to India on this ground. That’s a hundred percent success rate! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope it turns out to be lucky for us this time, too.
People from both nations are going crazy – notably the Indians. Killing a parrot just because it predicted a Pakistani victory is insane. Having said that, our Interior Minister Mr Rehman Malik, had to come up with a statement that has proven to be nothing but derogatory for our cricket team.
With all the hype the match is getting, I hope this match meets the expectations of cricket fans who have titled it as “Mother of all Matches”.May the best team win! For me, being a Pakistani, I say, it’d be Pakistan!

and everyone knows that my least interest is Cricket, but this is going to be a big Wicked day and even I’m a bit excited about the results. It’s a Do or Die situation. But lets keep our healthy sportsmanship spirit alive and Wish good luck to our teams.
Go Green.. !!!

and even I know it’s lame, I’m adding this post under Wicked  Wednesday.
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