Pakistan’s pride Moin Akhtar passes away

22 Apr

Moin Akhtar

KARACHI: Moin Akhtar, the legendary artist of television, stage and film passed away after having a heart attack here on Friday, Geo News reported.

Moin Akhtar, 61, was taken to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) where he breathed his last during treatment.

Moin Akhtar was a television, film and stage actor, as well as a comedian, impersonator, and a host. He was also a play writer, singer, film director and a producer.

Moin Akhtar (Pride of Performance, Sitara-e-Imtiaz, born 24 December 1950; died 22 April 2011) was a Pakistani television, film and stage actor, as well as a comedian, impersonator, and a host.

From? pilot Yaqoob? of ?Buddha ghar per hai? to ?Seth Manjoor? in ?Such Much?: ?Kaan Aap ki phemli kidar hai?, his ability to devote unswerving attention to his task produced success in his field.

His parody in English, Urdu, Sindhi, Bengali, Punjabi, Memon, Pushto, Gujrati and many other dialects distinguish him from all other entertainers. He was apt to be successful in Haseena Moin?s television comedy play, ?Eid train?: ?Bhabi samosa khayia? and numerous other programs like ?Studio Ponay teen?, ?Show time?, ?Half plate? and ?Excuse me?.

Moin, an adornment to the entertainment world, is a gift that keeps on giving: His parody of a Bengali film director, Silver Jubilee in 1983: ?Mubeen Aktar, kaum chahiye?. Is yet another example of the poise and intelligence he displayed.

In the process he transformed his life into an exciting adventure that constantly challenges, rewarded and rejuvenated him. His parody of a bus driver in Pushto accent, ?Aur aik baat hum bhi bata dayta hai?, is yet another instance of his artistry.

A highly dynamic and versatile performer from Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, he made his debut for television on 6 September 1966, in a variety show held on PTV to celebrate the first defense day of Pakistan. Since then, he has performed several roles in TV plays/shows, later making a team with Anwar Maqsood and Bushra Ansari.

Whether on the stage or on the screen, Moin Akhtar was one of the most sought after actors in Pakistani entertainment industry. His apparent attempts to avoid vulgar in his humor has rendered him a favorite amongst family audiences.

Moin, the jewel of the Pakistani film, radio, television, stage and music, whose eyes smile with the joy of today, the promise of tomorrow, said: ?I have confidence in my own abilities.?

Moreover, he has such good judgment and intuition, that he rarely makes a wrong decision. Majority of Pakistanis believe that had there been an artist of Moin?s caliber in U.S.A. then the American people would have carved his statues and the U.S. postal service would have issued stamps of Moin Akhtar.

He was the host of the show in which

* King Husain of Jordan was invited.
* the Prime minister of Gambia, Dawoodi-Al-Joza, was invited.
* President Zia-ul-Haq was invited.
* Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was invited.
* President General Yahya Khan was invited.
* President Ghulam Ishaq Khan was invited.
* Studio Dhhaai 2.5
* Studio pone teen 2.75

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