Cooking in France

13 May

Recently in Colombia races Kitchen, Food and related areas are gaining strength in the national academic offering. La University de La Sabina (Bogota) starts for the second half of his career in Food and the Politico Colombian Jaime Isaza Cadavid (Medellin) will offer soon the Professional Technical program in Gastronomy, however, the National Apprenticeship Service- SENA – was among the first to offer the program in the country of Technical Professional Kitchen.

The story for this time is just a student of this program, Carolina Cobos Silva , who after a long journey from each of the tests imposed, he can prove, by the Atlantic Regional, one of the 19 seats for Cooking a six-month internship in one of the restaurants Holding OB-Group  Bertrand .

OB Holding, Group  Bertrand is a major French business conglomerate engaged in the business of restaurants. To date over twenty runs between fast food restaurants, cafes and gourmet cuisine.

The competition began at the local level. There were 16 students win kitchen one of three seats to represent the Atlantic. At this early stage there were three tests, one of them, preparing a menu with typical ingredients of the Caribbean region. Presentation, originality, cost / benefit and complexity were the criteria evaluated.

In this test for entry cooked Carolina tartar sausage flavored with Key lime and cilantro and served with cassava, for the main course, a fillet of grouper in salsa with a reduction currambera panela and helmets classic pickled cherry tomato and For dessert, grapefruit and lemon foam with beet reduction and aniseed Trinity crystallized petals. “I had participated in the last call and had not succeeded, but this time I was in the top three places,” said excited.

Carolina Cobos Silva - Técnico Profesional en Cocina SENA

The three elected representatives of the Atlantic, where in addition to Carolina were Miguel Hernandez and Carlos Delgado, traveled to Bogota to participate in the national playoffs. “Here is the fourth and last test was an interview with representatives of the company” says, “contests around 50 students from across the country and of the three, two, my friend Michael and I were selected.”

The internship provided by the French conglomerate covers 100% of the costs are distributed between the Seine and them. Carolina students to 18 kitchen (and 10 table and Bar) chosen will travel to Paris next July. They will have the opportunity to work in one of the restaurants signature assigned in addition to learning the language and know the culture of this country.

Work at Home is the cradle of classical and modern cuisine is the dream of any chef , “he says. ” Upon hearing this call the SENA thought it was an opportunity that, no matter what happens, I could not let go. My goal was to give the best that was within my reach and whatever happened to say “at least I tried” and it was, and although the competition was not easy, the talent in the country in this field is huge and competitors were worthy opponents for anyone, which sometimes made ​​me wonder, and I decided that I would do his best and thank God things were donated . ”

France is one of the most attractive tourist destinations, which, according to Carolina, has many implications for the profession of a chef. She travels with expectations to absorb as much as possible, not only in the area of the kitchen, but in all possible instances. ” It’s a great opportunity to develop as far as I can and above all, and this for me is very important to show a softer side of Colombia, have the opportunity to represent our people as they really are: good people hardworking and honest . ”

Finally, Carolina emphasizes that all persons who have a dream, however difficult it may seem, must dare to try. ” It is better to have tried and lost than to have to live with “if I had done , “he says. ” I would also like to thank the Seine by their conventions and their constant search for improvement of the learner. Today, the distant fantasy of going to France is a fact for all who were selected and who knows if any of the people reading this are the next to start an adventure like this, remember, the day is today! “.

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