The price for our smile

17 May

According to Macmillan Dictionary Thesaurus, ways of expressing happiness and pleasure can be hooray (interjection), yippee (interjection), aah (interjection), excellent (adjective), lovely (adjective), good for/on someone, hallelujah (interjection), good (adjective), thank God/goodness/heaven(s) and wonders will never cease. But I couldn’t find anything related to gunshots.
Unfortunately, this is the only way we celebrate. Pakistan faced its rival India in a semi-final of Cricket World Cup on March 30, 2011. During the first innings, Pakistan was fielding and we could tell just by listening to a gunshot outside that an Indian batsman is out. Similarly, whenever a Pakistani batsman scores a boundary in the second innings, we could tell without turning on our T.V. sets because it would be followed by a gunshot. The match ended with the defeat of Pakistan and with 30 people including children being injured in firing incidents by the angry cricket fans.

Let us take a step back and think for a while. Couple of days back, this match was the only thing we could think about. To cheer for this match was the sole definition of our patriotism. But, should we be bothered to think about the families who lost their loved ones? Do they actually care about this match anymore? These random firing incidents would have increased if we had won the match. And the sad part would have been that the news of these precious lost lives would have been lost in the hyped pile of headlines about our team’s victory.
There are many ways to express our emotions and arms shouldn’t be one of them. We can’t celebrate while others weep. Our smiles are not worth their tears.

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