The axis of the Pacific and North American identity

21 May

In an article distributed by the Global Viewpoint, published by the Herald Tribune, Henry Kissinger holds an interesting thesis: the victory of George Bush is the ultimate sign of shifting policy focus of the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

“The generation that formed the Atlantic relationship has left the scene. In the U.S. the center of political gravity has moved to parts of the country whose representatives have fewer personal contacts with Europe. ”

This means that the common heritage of modern revolutions, deposited in the American Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of the Rights of ’89, there is more on the American horizon. Atlantic era gives way to the peaceful era, and American capitalism, the heir of Nazi-Puritan Christianity must be prepared to compete with the Chinese imperial power of collectivism.

The holy war waged against Islam on the part of the KKK is a preventive war against China. Controlling sources of oil supply in coming decades will mean having to China under blackmail. In his latest book, Who are we?, Samuel Huntington elaborates the principles of identity Puritan fundamentalism that shapes his understanding the fundamentals of the American nation. Huntington is obsessed with the American identity is defined as the pathetic title.

His remarks on the identity, occupying the first chapter are banalities coffee table. The concept of identity is obviously too vague as to be comprehensible by a puritanical fundamentalist brain. But the interesting part is that in which Professor Huntington reflects on the alternative which is now the American identity. America, says Huntington, bases its identity on two pillars: that of the Declaration of Independence, that is, the Enlightenment principle of freedom and equality of all citizens before the law, and culture of the early Puritan settlers who landed on the east coast in 1607 and 1620.

Today we must choose what is most essential basis for defining American identity. “They say that America is a nation of immigrants and the American identity is defined only by a set of political principles, the American Creed. There is much truth in this. Immigration and the Creed are key elements of U.S. national identity. There are mistaken identities, but they are only partial identities. Neither one nor the other tell the whole truth about America.

They tell us nothing about the society that had attracted immigrants or their culture that produced this creed. America is a company set up by settlers in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries all came from the British Isles. Their values, institutions and culture provided the foundation and model for the development of America in later centuries. They initially defined America in terms of race, ethics, culture, and especially in terms of religion. Then in the nineteenth century must also define America ideologically to justify the independence of fellow English (Huntington, 2004, p.38).

Huntington Leaving the Enlightenment tradition says that the basis of coexistence is U.S. law, but in the Anglo-Saxon kultur Puritan. “The Origins of America should seek in the English Puritan Revolution. The revolution is indeed the most important formative event in American political history. America was founded as a Protestant society just as and some of the same reasons why Pakistan and Israel have been created as a Muslim society and Hebrew society in the twentieth century “(Huntington, 2002, p.63).

Pakistan and Israel are two fundamentalist states that violate the fundamental principle of the Enlightenment and modern civilization by which the State can not differentiate between citizens based on their religious belief. Two years after the death of Adolf Hitler, the birth of Pakistan and Israel marks the return of the ethnic conception of nation-state. Now Professor Huntington explains that the United States were born in the same way, because the identity of U.S. deep is the universal value of the law but on the particular value of culture, the predominance of an ethnically defined religion.

In this sense America has taken over the KKK. Conceivable scenarios And now? How American society react to the cultural dictatorship has been installed? How will they react kinds of cognitive work, concentrating on areas where the vote was anti-Bush? Will they get the American partimers search create autonomous structures and transmission of knowledge that seeks to remove the new Dark Ages? Will they be able to give life to a new war of secession, not fight with weapons but with the removal of energy to the war, with the creation of structures and institutions regulated by post-first owner?

It is difficult, but it is the view toward which to work. In the next stage I am convinced that there is no other purpose than to pursue it. For other questions, I think the nonviolent movement against the war has no more card to play. Neither the company may win a battle against global corporate dictatorship. A series of catastrophic processes have been launched, and developed in the near future: Islamic terrorism is now endemizado and produce effects of increased violence during the time of the next generation. Islamic terrorism is no way a sign of political groups, but a cultural wave that will extend over at least a generation and is rooted in the humiliation.

The Iraqi war, the violence to which the Islamists have been detained under the vision of the naked male body are under psychological time bombs, aimed at nurturing a hatred that is armed and blame the Americans wherever they are. The weapons of terrorism which will provide will become ever more destructive, powerful. And the invincible power of terrorism is the love of death, fueled by violence and humiliation.

A second process that is outlined is the crisis of public order in China, and the explosion of conflicts that can hardly be long-term content. About what is happening in Chinese society can not have much information because the control is to a totalitarian country. But many things begin to leak.

Another important fact to reflect upon is the fact that each year there are 200,000 suicides in China (yes, just so, two hundred thousand).

As a result of impoverishment, of overwork, and the psychological devastation, suicide behavior tends to become increasingly common. Economic dictatorship of the corporations has produced the conditions of a true pandemic psychotic. And suicide is becoming less an isolated act and increasingly acting out aggressive and deadly. The wide availability of weapons and explosives that can be used by a single individual, have already linked suicide and terrorism. In conclusion, in the coming years the planetary environment will tend to collapse on several levels, and is not excluded that some of the major emergencies in the near future are very tied to this. On any of these levels can act movement. We can just sit on the banks of the river and expect to happen what must happen.

Yet a plane on which it is essential to continue a long-term organized action: the creation of independent structures of research and transfer of knowledge and sensitivity. Around the world in action settlement from the university, parallel to the submission to gain research and training. It tends to cancel the autonomy of knowledge. And it is only the autonomy of knowledge that the construction of a higher level of human society can begin.

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