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3 Things to Say to Your Girlfriend To Make Her Feel Special

Making time for romantic things to say to your girl will rank you one of the sweetest guys in the world. Not all guys can get all mushy and corny when it comes to love. But get this — love is supposed to be corny. Love is mad, and the more intense, the better. But to keep things on a lie-low, why not try these three romantic things to say to your girl — and make her feel loved and special every single day?


I always think about you. Nothing can be sweeter and more romantic when you tell someone you’re thinking of them. Talk about romance overload. When someone tells you the same thing, isn’t it overwhelming and makes you feel all warm and good inside? So make it a point to tell your girl she’s on your mind.


You make me very happy. Making your loved one happy makes you happy, doesn’t it? Well, take time to let your girl know she does. She will definitely marvel with the thought that she’s a part of your life and contributes to your happiness. It’s always fulfilling to please someone so let her know she makes you feel special as well.


You are very beautiful. Telling women they’re beautiful is one of their greatest weaknesses — nothing can make a woman blush more than telling them they’re pretty, or sexy or beautiful. Girls value their appearance highly and will take extra time to look good for you so the least you can do is compliment her about it.


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I want to be with you now and forever.

Life is so much better when you eat at my place and I eat at yours, we watch movies, fight for the remote, snatch noodles, fight for no reasons, arm wrestle in restaurants, people looking at us, we are cute, we are unique, we are bonded, we do not listen a single word against each other from ANYONE !
you protect me, I care for you. you deal with my mood swings, and you like women have mood swings too, I hate them, you are a guy. Come on !
you sing songs for me, you talk like a kid when you’re sleepy, you’re idolized yet modest.
you’re dumb when it comes to guesswork, you’re a genius when it comes to work work.
My every favorite song reminds me of you, you are away right now but very much beside me.
You are just so gorgeous, your love enriches my soul, I love everything in you, be it anything lame.
I read this somewhere and I hope you feel like a richest man too.
” Richest man in the world is not the one who still has the first dollar he ever earned.or the one who can spend thousand’s of dollars every single hour..

Its the man who still has his first GIRL he ever LOVED..


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