Two souls with a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.

21 Jul
You know what I mean by all these lines tonight.

I lie in bed wishing I could hug you, wishing we were not that far,you’re the most beautiful part of my life,my heartbeats are the presents you got me last year,

  • I love life just because I was in verge of losing it and you came to my rescue.
  • I have chosen happiness so that you do not divert.
  • I have chosen peace and adjustments so that we could carry on.
  • I have chosen to stay apart, so that we could be ONE, one fine day, well the finest day of my life.
  • I have chosen few paths related to yours because I want to help God to make our destination as ONE !
  • I love you and you have no clue how much I am missing you these nights and days,
  • I like everything because you’re in it,
  • I am smiling because I have the best thing in this world,
  • I am moving ahead, finding new hobbies, exploring people and my friendships with them, so that you don’t put your time and mind in “why-do-you-feel-lonely-baby? nights”..and
  •  I am excited that I could decide something for both of it just a man’s duty to be a deserving candidate for someone’s daughter ? even I want to be a commendable person because you are worth the best girl in this whole wide world, Just trying to be the one who could always keep you and your family happy.
Sometimes doing with all my heart and at times, doing it with a little heart and a lot of mind which is placed in you, Miss you my life.hoping the time in between now and then flies away and we reach the success point in what we’ve really put ourselves for each other, we’ll fight till the end.
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