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Love is all around

Despite the fact that today is a holiday I had a really usual day, but full of nice emotions. Yesterday I did something that I never do, because I don’t believe in any fairy. I wrote some happy words on a piece of paper and asked to have a fantastic day, unusual and fun.

‘P.S. If this day will be not able to offer something interesting, I want to have just a simple day with the smiles of my friends and classmates’.

I am glad because it was so and even better! I got a nice valentine card, it was pleasantly ^^

Lately I found some nice web sites with presents for the Day of love. It is not very true right now, but I’ll save those page till next years 🙂

This holiday is for those, whose heart is full of sincere feelings, love and happiness. I wish you to be happy, to save the people who are really important to you.

‘Love is when people do not only look on each other, but when they look in one direction.’

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Hold me tight

Hold my hand,
Lets walk this way,
Somewhere miles away,
No people, no world,
Just  us and we,
All way.
The loneliness of your heart,
No more exists,
You have me, and i have you,
Just hold my hand,
To never leave again.
Lets go away,
From this cruel world,
Hold me tight,
We’ll be together in the worst of storms,
Just be by my side,
Lets walk this extra mile.
No doubts,
No screeching halts,
Just the two of us,
Walking whole way,
Together hand in hand,
Enjoying us.
Lets go away,
End this turmoil,
Once and for all.
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