♡ Victims of Cupid ♡

17 Aug
Enveloped in the strong hold of his arms, letting them protect her from evil, laying in them, and reciprocating, was all she desired. She knew his arms were her Castle and his Heart was her Sky. She was the undisputed queen of his heart. Resting in them, getting drenched in his toxic scent, always took her to a dream-world dotted by little angels, that sprinkled love all over with their magic wand. There was something about the way he slept, so serene, so subtle, so angelic, that gave her an adrenaline rush. She could hear a million words in his little gestures, and they made her feel like a Duchess, irrevocably and hopelessly in love with her Duke. She silently tip-toed her way to the rest room, slid out of her satin night dress and situated herself in her hot bath. A few minutes later, silently walking bare foot into the room,
**It so smells like him everywhere**

leaving behind trails of dripping water droplets along her way to their bed, she planted a sweet motherly kiss on his forehead to wake him up. He opened his eyes, soaked in the exquisite view of his beautiful duchess, gave a child-like mischievous curve to his perfect lips, that made him look disturbingly desirable and held her close to his chest. Ecstasy blanketed them. How they wished, time stopped, and they devour each other’s presence and love forever. Few blissful heavenly moments later, he gently pressed his lips to hers and strode out of the bed. The call of the daily chores could not be ignored any more.
She sent a silent prayer to her God ‘Gracious, for making him walk into my life’.

I have no clue what made my fingers type the above write-up but I thought it was time I made my thoughts see the light of the day.

P.S. Cascada’s ‘Everytime we Touch’ tingles every romantic molecule of my being whenever my headphones bring it to my ears. Do check it out, though I’m sure you must have heard it. 🙂
*I feel love*

*feels curious and wonders why*

P.P.S. I am a Twilight fan and the way Edward loves Bella makes me want a man like him 🙂

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