And it Rained Again

22 Aug
One of the loveliest facts about Rain, It never hesitates giving free hugs to any and everybody. It doesn’t discriminate.


It’s raining folks. No, it can’t get any better. Monsoons have struck my part of the country and my happiness knows no bounds. Water, grey sky, that season when mothers forbid their daughters to wear white before going out, those nights when you want to keep the air conditioner to the minimum temperature and stuff yourself with a fur blanket, Oh man, I’m loving’ it all.
I stand in my gallery until that last drop of rain leaves the sky and reaches earth. I feel an urge to pick up a pen and a paper and write an essay on ‘The Rainy Day’ all over again :D. Umbrellas, heavy sky, onset of winters, Aah  idleness finally offers me some play.In the morning, it was raining. I wanted to get wet in the rain but was too lazy to bathe again.
And then, my front porch came to my rescue, once again 😉 I made myself half a mug of light coffee with two cubes dairy milk floating in it, the 2-minute noodles in exactly 7 minutes, picked up my chopsticks (I’m totally into learning how to grab food with a chopstick these days), and parked myself quietly in a chair facing the rain.


I still remember, when I was a little boy mom would not let me get wet in the rain because it used to give me a really really bad cold, I used to pick up an umbrella, big enough for even 10 years-older-me and stand on the terrace for as long as it rained. 😀
Mom tried to put sense into me saying ‘there’s no point standing on the terrace with an umbrella when it’s raining baby’, If I were a little less stubborn that would have surely worked. 😉
To my amazement, rain does not only sprinkle delight and pleasure and mischief all over, it also provides a patient listening ear to the unrested souls.
It is almost like it’s whispering ‘Lay your trust in me, talk to me, speak your heart out, I’m all ears’. I used to be a very clumsy, grumpy, moody, in short, a sullenly irritable teenager and this post has been written particularly to talk about one special role rain played Oscar-like in my life.Few years back I was not happy with simply anything life was offering, I did not like the food mom cooked, I did not like my school, my friends, my tuition’s, my new apparels, nothing at all entertained me.
Then one fine day, it was raining really hard, so hard that it almost hurt. I went to my terrace ,sat quietly on the dome like structure and thought, ‘well life isn’t that ugly and mean after all.’
Blame my teenage mood swings or my teenage hormonal changes, there was no reason for my grumpiness but rain was surely the reason for me winning the marathon back to being chirpy.
A little message for those who don’t like this drizzle, pour your heavy heart out to rain some day, it’ll gulp away your sorrows in no time !


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