Priceless things in life

02 Sep

This post is just about feeling special, Gratitude, Being happy, Being Me.Haven’t you met people always cribbing about their own girlfriend is a great example, she might sometimes have a lot of difficulties in life, He always remain thankful to God for “talking to me again, being alive the moment he gets up, for food, for parents, for his sibling”I love when she enjoys life, the spark in her eye is the most beautiful thing I could ever ask God for.

My parents are the same.Full of gratitude, happy and honest about their lives whereas their relatives and friends do come at home and boast just too much though there’s nothing which they’d like to boast out because that’s where’s the difference lies, We are happy, actually from within.We tend to take big things in life for granted due to the small things like Apple phone, Mac book, A sedan or whatever.This is a Thank you post for the people and greatest things in my life, to the new roof, for the food I enjoy, for I have my lovely parents and few other best things in my life.

a pet might not stay with you for your whole life, but it makes your life whole, a person who never had a pet, has missed a very important part of life, the feeling of being complete, and its just not to have a pet, its how you take care of it, I’ve encountered a lot of people who ill treat their pets, they tie them out in the sun for long hours and the poor thing keep barking because it can’t say he is hungry or feeling cold or hot, Nothing.

Omg ! I love my parents, they are incredibly innocent, Most of the times, I am doing the task of explaining them how things are, how bad the world is, how people tend to use you.
I get sick of it but sometimes I cry for their innocence.

I love them to death,me and my girl always plan to keep them happy in future, I am the only child and of course I’ve got everything they could provide me and more than that. They’ve always tried to fulfill my desires and last night when I could see my father getting hurt because he couldn’t buy me something which my cousin have and I wanted it since ages, I could see that in his eyes. Priceless.
and I know he would buy me that any day but I am not asking for it right now because I know Its a new house we got and that’s so much for me then why would I feel bad for small things like the ones he borrowed from his NRI brother.Dad, you’ve given me more than enough. I don’t even deserve that much.

okay, the most precious thing now, I don’t even want to say anything. Words always keep getting less for his goodness and love, wish it remains the same forever.I don’t need to say how happy she keeps me, she is my strength, I don’t care about who’s ignoring me, who’s not, who rejected my invitation, who didn’t invite me, because at the end of the day, the heaven is in his arms, her voice, her shoulder where I can keep my head, her priceless friendship, her care, her support, her love and respect for my parents, her zest for life.I have wonderful people around me though I just don’t get “that” comfort zone and bond with any,I don’t say friends are not important, but I haven’t found any who I really can call my real friend, the moment I give that label to someone, he or she proves me wrong and to be honest, I do not need friends, I love my shell. Its lovely to be there. Call it a habit.
I love going out once in a while with someone apart from my girl, you know, change is always good :p but that doesn’t mean I have to hang out with my best friend.
My search never stopped though, I ‘ll always need a friend who’d treat me like a sibling or at least not a ‘Competition’, where there’s less ego, more fun, more laughter sessions, who I can cry in front of when I have a fight with my girl and while searching for someone like that, I met great human beings in my life and I love them. My best friend could be someone amongst them or someone New but I don’t think about it anymore,more than anything, I have a career ahead and a lot of things to prove in life,I am thankful to almighty for the education and path he got me in.
Thank you because you always knew what’s right for me, you made me go through a lot to reach here, from where at least I know, where I could go.Thanks Lord for bringing in light again in my life,
I love you.
Ps: I wrote it too quick, my posts might not have huge words though when I write I don’t want to stop, excuse the wrong grammar or less beauty due to the use of less vocab words.
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