I missing you

04 Sep
I am missing her especially in the songs,new songs like isk risk(mere brother ki dulhan), ik tu hi tu hi (mausam), teri meri, ily(body guard).Lovely albums have come up & Oh, Kareena, in red..chhamak challo. OMG ! she looks yummy, I admire her beauty so much.
Coming to the point.I am missing her, Its good to be apart I believe, specially in cases like ours, ,
we had same groups, same schools, and now almost same careers.I made an effort to change the whole thing. *the evil grins again
I tried hanging out with my friends alone because I want to know what and how the love is shaping inside me, because when you are so close and comfortable with a person that you see him/her daily, you won’t get what it a book which is read extremely close to the eyes, you just can’t read it, you just know a bit about it. you can’t judge what it is about and your eyes start to pain.It worked and I love the pain in this distance,love songs, sorrow when apart, missing someone.that is what this age is for.ROMANCE ! *wider grin*I like this phase.when I am busy and he is busy and I miss him and get sad and happy at the same time.Okay ! I can’t understand me.
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