13 Sep
They need not necessarily be black or blue or purple or ugly shades of yellow and green. They need not be visible at all. In fact, perhaps the kind that hurt the most are the unseen ones, the ones that mar your heart and mind and soul and other places deep down inside which even you don’t know much about. The ones that can be caused by a vast range of situations: By betrayal from a loved one, or the loss of someone special. By a friend walking away from you or a trusted one letting you down. By unspeakable evils like abuse or blackmail. By facing rejection or bearing dejection. So many reasons to feel bruised, in this world, aren’t there? And they knock the very life out of you, don’t they? Or at least sap you of something essential, like your joie de vivre, which leaks out discretely, dissolved in that sacred fluid they call ‘tears’.Yes, they take a lot from you, the bruises. Leaving only a dull, echoing emptiness. Or something close to that.Even if the bruises serve as reminders of all that you have survived or teach you important lessons of life, they still hurt, right?
And you think to yourself every minute of every day, surely ‘there’s a better place than this emptiness?’Well, no. There isn’t.’Coz death is not an option for the brave at heart.And if you’ve been given the gift of life, you better be brave at heart, my dear. No matter how vast the emptiness, how severe the pain, or how ugly the bruises. Love them for they are evidence that you have loved.And don’t you know, that to love is to live? Take care.

Tune mere jaana, kabhi nahi jaana
Ishq mera, dard mera
Aashiq tera 
bheed main khoya rehta hai.
Jaane jahan
pucho to itna kehta hai
‘And I feel so lonely…
There’s a better place than this emptiness’
*By the way, for those of you who don’t know, the whole tragic ‘story’ about Rohan Rathore was fake. I just like the song these days, that’s why I structured a post around it.
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