Rockstar Film Review

16 Nov

The day I watched Rockstar’s movie trailer on Youtube, I had decided, this is the movie that I want to watch the very first day it is released, no matter what! Boy, did I watch this movie today? No! I lived this movie.
I lived the movie, so much, that I walked back home in London drizzle without caring about the weather, the chill, the hour of the night. I wanted some time to let it touch my heart, I am still high and yes, Sadda Haqq is playing in the background. Without a doubt this is Ranbir Kapoor’s best performance and puts each & every movie released in recent times to shame! The Ones and the Guards must understand it takes a real Rockstar to bring a smile on a Hindi movie fan’s face. The only movie I would like to compare Rockstar with is, Dev-D. Not that both the movies have similar theme or anything in common but because of the brilliance, the way movie grows on you, the way you want to rip that curtain off and touch, feel the movie in soul.

As soon you settle down in your seats, the first scene, the larger than life entry of a care a dime artist is what you want to see. Jordan, the Rockstar is a rebel, a real human, someone who we so want to be but all the practicalities of life never allow us to be. The madness, the love, the purity, the anger, the rawness, the lost in music soul, everything that is shown in the movie is something I always wanted to be. It was something I live; visualize everyday but only in deepest corners of my heart. Today, I witnessed how it may have felt if I have had the life which I always wanted. The life of an artist for whom pain is what matters, pain does brings your best and that’s the note with which the movie starts. The way plot is built, the way movie goes back and forth in time, the flashbacks, you relate to it all. If you do not, you need to change the way you live! Go out there, be crazy.

I am a diehard Imtiaz Ali fan. I haven’t appreciated A.R. Rehman’s music in a very long time now, however this is his best, I rate it even higher than Dil-Se and Jai Ho. Imtiaz is a man who follows his heart and the ones who follow their heart, they never disappoint. This movie does get dragged a little in the end, I did expect the numbering to appear at three different instances, however I still loved the movie. For, it had everything I could have asked for. Brilliant acting, Shammi Kappor’s last appearance on the big screen, Ranbir Kapoor, music which I am going to listen to for next two weeks and even more, the sceneries, there is nothing I want to complain about except the last half an hour of the movie, which I felt could have been edited better, and few of the flash backs which tend to get repetitive. Oh Yes, I forgot to mention Nargis Fakhri did overact in initial phases of the movie but then I think that’s how Delhi Girls usually behave, thus in a way she did act well.

The characters are well sketched, though movie has a high on emotions tone to it, you still laugh a lot. The dialogues are as fantastic as you expect from Imtiaz Ali. The lyrics are incredibly well written, profound and am so happy for Mohit Chauhan is the man of the hour finally. In every which way, this movie satisfied me, be it acting, music, direction, cinematography, dialogs, script or whatever your criteria be. I am all high on army jackets and rough look that Ranbir Kapoor donned. This is how I picture myself in my own alternate world too.

The bit that touched my heart the most, every wrong in the movie is portrayed so right! Whenever someone crossed the line, the emotions displayed simply justify it. This is a movie that you want to fall in love with, this is the movie that you associate with brilliance, this is the movie that proves me right for still loving Hindi Movies. Must you watch this movie for the way Ranbir Kapoor shows you a finger in the air, the way he performs on the stage, the way we always want an Indian Rockstar to perform in front of a madly-music-doped crowd. I bow down to everyone involved to make this movie happen. You all are my Rockstarsn and I am going to watch this movie again coming Tuesday.

Given that I am living the life I always wanted to, this movie made me feel in a special way that living your dreams is what makes life worth. Some bloggers may remember, whenever they wrote about pain, I commented, keep that pain alive. You need pain more than you need happiness for it brings the best in you! Thank You Imtiaz for proving me right and saying what I may have never said or be able to say, so brilliantly.

Go watch Rockstar and come back with a new awakened life.

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One response to “Rockstar Film Review

  1. Crystal

    November 18, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    I loved the film. every bit of it. Some douches didn’t like it, but then, everyone has their opinions.
    The music is divine, no? Especially kun faya kun!
    Imtiaz Ali only churns genius, he is JUST TOO good.
    Its one heck of a film. Must watch.
    Apart from Nargis’ expressionless at places, its a great flick.


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