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The 3 famous best-dressed of 2012

1 – Kristen Stewart

She just looks at rocks, I love the vestidso she wears, are always in perfect slim body you have. The hairstyle and make are always beautiful.



2 – Kate Middleton

The Duchess always calls our attention, she just walks well dressed and look at events in rocks, love those elegant dresses she wears, simply perfect.

3 – Carrie Underwood

People this woman is perfect, I am passionate in hairstyles and make it uses the events, since even copied one to go to a wedding lol. I love the dresses she wears are always a hit.


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10 Reasons Why You’re Not Ready for Marriage

Have all the celebrity marriages happening around and the wedding season got you tempted to tie the knot? Marriage is a wonderful institution, no doubt. But the high rate of divorce nowadays makes us believe that marriage is not for everyone. We believe that prevention is better than cure and hence, we list out ten signs that will help you realise if you’re ready for marriage or not.
There’s not enough trust between you two.
Trust is the most important aspect of a successful marriage. If trusting your partner completely doesn’t come easily to you, it’s best you stay away from marriage.
You always want your way.
You will never have a successful marriage unless you have a willingness to compromise. You could either be a selfish person and have everything your way or be selfless and focus on your loved one. If you choose to go with the former choice, marriage is not a good idea for you.
Your vitals don’t match.
By vitals, we mean your values, personality type and common goals. If you’re heading to the altar without your relationship vitals in place, your marriage could turn out to be a big disaster.
You are being pressurized.
Indian parents are known to pressurize their kids into marriage once they turn a certain age. But, whether it’s your parents or peers, don’t ever take the plunge unless you yourself are certain about marriage


You are not se*ually attracted to him.
He may be the most amazing and understanding guy you know. But, if he is not able to get your heart racing, your marriage will lack one of the most important ingredients.


You are battling an addiction or mental health condition.
A study showed that marriages that comprised a partner who was battling an addiction didn’t last for too long. So, if you’re an alcoholic, drug addict or have any other addiction, get treated before you take the plunge.


It’s not only about you two.
Marriage also brings together families and circles of friends of the couple. So before taking the big step ask yourself at what cost are you in this relationship? If you have to give up your family or friends, the cost is too high.


Your mind and heart wanders.
If you have even 10% of doubt that you could do better or someone better could be around the corner, marriage is not for you. Marry a person only if you are 100% sure about them and you know they are the best for you and your life.


You don’t like anyone invading your space.
We all need our space and alone time. But, if you crave for your own space all the time and can’t stand another person in your room or house, then it’s best you stay away from marriage.

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