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10 Reasons Why You’re Not Ready for Marriage

Have all the celebrity marriages happening around and the wedding season got you tempted to tie the knot? Marriage is a wonderful institution, no doubt. But the high rate of divorce nowadays makes us believe that marriage is not for everyone. We believe that prevention is better than cure and hence, we list out ten signs that will help you realise if you’re ready for marriage or not.
There’s not enough trust between you two.
Trust is the most important aspect of a successful marriage. If trusting your partner completely doesn’t come easily to you, it’s best you stay away from marriage.
You always want your way.
You will never have a successful marriage unless you have a willingness to compromise. You could either be a selfish person and have everything your way or be selfless and focus on your loved one. If you choose to go with the former choice, marriage is not a good idea for you.
Your vitals don’t match.
By vitals, we mean your values, personality type and common goals. If you’re heading to the altar without your relationship vitals in place, your marriage could turn out to be a big disaster.
You are being pressurized.
Indian parents are known to pressurize their kids into marriage once they turn a certain age. But, whether it’s your parents or peers, don’t ever take the plunge unless you yourself are certain about marriage


You are not se*ually attracted to him.
He may be the most amazing and understanding guy you know. But, if he is not able to get your heart racing, your marriage will lack one of the most important ingredients.


You are battling an addiction or mental health condition.
A study showed that marriages that comprised a partner who was battling an addiction didn’t last for too long. So, if you’re an alcoholic, drug addict or have any other addiction, get treated before you take the plunge.


It’s not only about you two.
Marriage also brings together families and circles of friends of the couple. So before taking the big step ask yourself at what cost are you in this relationship? If you have to give up your family or friends, the cost is too high.


Your mind and heart wanders.
If you have even 10% of doubt that you could do better or someone better could be around the corner, marriage is not for you. Marry a person only if you are 100% sure about them and you know they are the best for you and your life.


You don’t like anyone invading your space.
We all need our space and alone time. But, if you crave for your own space all the time and can’t stand another person in your room or house, then it’s best you stay away from marriage.

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2011 Resolution

I vividly remember the day when I walked hand in hand with my Grand Pa (whom I used to call Tatha) with excitement and anxiety filling every cell of my body to get my 1st ever novel from a near by library. This was done for 2 main reason; one was that I had completed all the books laying around in my home including my academic English Text Book and the two supplementary (as usual within 4 days from the purchase) and reason two was that my Grand Pa was tired of me nagging for new and innovative stories as he had exhausted himself with all the stories he remembered (which comprised of many novel stories as I now realize) and he thought the only way I would shut the hell up was if he gets a novel that would occupy me for days but little did he know. So he took me to the Library that was 30 minutes away from my home and introduced me into this whole new world of books that I soon fell in love with.

As probably the case with everyone I started off by reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys mysteries (I guess that’s where my love affair with mysteries started and curiosity cells in my body got activated). I read them in such a fast pace that shocked both my Grand Pa and the librarian. My Grand Pa never thought that I could read anything so fast, sitting for hours together and forgetting the whole world around me especially given my concentration levels when it came to academic books. Soon I completed all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books in library and moved on to Harry Potter.

I digress  (talking about my Sweet Heart Grand Pa and books always does that to me)… all I wanted to say was that I don’t read as much I would love to or as much as I used to before. And considering that books are my best friends and I love them beyond eternity I m really disappointed in me. So, I have made a resolution (along with my friend) for the upcoming year 2011. The resolution is to try and Read 100 books this year and I m calling this challenge 100 Book Challenge for 2011.

I don’t really like rules but well, oh well my friend told me that every challenge even if it’s for your self needs to have rules (such a party pooper eh?). So, anyways here are the rules –

  • You should read 100 books in year 2011 which spans from January 1st to December 31st.
  • You can read books of any genre, fiction, non-fiction, poetry absolutely any book that’s recognized.
  • You can even re-read the books (I made this one because I want to re-read the whole Harry Potter series).

It’s that simple!

I m really Excited about this Challenge to myself. I have never ever challenged myself before like this. Let’s see if I can win.

Do you guys wanna join too and enjoy this year by reading books with me? If yes all you have to do is say in comments that you are IN and by the end of 2011 inform me how many books have you read. You don’t have to blog about every book you read but if you want to I won’t stop you. If you have a Goodreads Id add me so I can keep a track of what are you reading. And NO Cheating..:)

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